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What to Look for in a Headphone for The Best Fantasy Gaming Experience

Published On October 11, 2018 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

For fantasy gaming players, having the best headphone is important.  You can have a much better fantasy gaming experience by using a good quality headphone like a classical music headphone, read more here.  It gives you clear and high-quality sound and voice quality that can definitely level up your game. 

When choosing the best classical music headphones, there are things that you need to remember.


The number one factor that you need to consider is comfort. Choose headphones that are comfortable to use for a long period of time. Your headset should not restrict your ears. Aside from that, its earcups should be breathable and allow good circulation.

Closed-back or Open-back Headphones

Headphones come in different designs to cater to one’s needs. They come in two different categories called the open-back and the closed-back headphones. Closed-backed headphones often come in a solid frame covering the back of the ears. While open-back headphones do not have this feature.

One of the best features of closed-back headsets is that it blocks external noise.  It also stops the audio from your device from leaking out. The sound quality produced by this headphones is clear and has better quality. It is a perfect headset for places that are often noisy. However, because of its physical design, it can be really uncomfortable after using it for a prolonged period.

Open-back headsets are spacious and airy around the ears. They are designed to ensure comfort for prolonged use. it produces an airy audio image outside your head. However, these headsets do not have a noise cancellation feature. It means that external noise can seep into your device. Aside from that, the audio produced by your device can go out of your headset and be heard by others.


Whenever you listen to the weekly football fantasy commentaries, you want to hear the voices clearly. Voice quality from DJ booths and studios can enhance your listening experience. Voices will sound crisp and clear. In relation to this, the soundstage is a sonic space inside your headphones. The soundstage makes your audio sound accurate and original. This makes you easily hear everything that is happening on the other side.

Neutral Sound Signature

 The neutral sound signature is a characteristic where there is no color found in the audio.   With this, the frequency response of the headset must produce a flat sound in the mids, highs, and bass areas. Neither of these three parts should be emphasized by the headphones.

Usually, most headphones often intensify the bass. Because of this, the sounds produced by the mid and high areas are often drowned under the bass. Apart from that, you cannot remove the bass out of the music. it is because it provides the base of the music.

A neutral audio is very important because it serves as the original track. In this way, the audio produced by the headphones will not be changed. The neutral audio will equalize all the sounds produced by the media device and the headphones.

These are just some of the features that you need to consider when choosing the best headset for your fantasy sports gaming. Now, have you chosen the best headphones for you?

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