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Week 13 Standouts, Surprises and Setbacks – Part 1

Published On December 4, 2013 | By Daily Fantasy Source | Fantasy Football News, Fantasy Football Strategy, Football

Week 13 of the NFL season is in the books, and Thanksgiving brought us a slate of exciting games to entertain everyone recovering from stuffing their faces. Is there anything better than eating copious amounts of delicious food while sitting around watching football with family? Well, if there is, I certainly don’t want to know what that might be.  While the NFL playoffs are still over a month away, the fantasy football playoffs are set to begin in Week 14.  This week’s edition of Standouts, Surprises and Setbacks will outline the elite players that helped guide fantasy teams into the playoffs and beyond.


Detroit: 40

Green Bay: 10

R. Bush 25 touches, 182 yds, 1 TD

J. Bell 22 touches, 128 yds, 1 TD

C. Johnson 6 rec, 101 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: The Detroit running game is firing on all cylinders at the right time. Reggie Bush and Joique Bell ran circles around the Packers, combining for over 300 yards and 2 TDs.


Dallas: 31

Oakland: 24

D. Murray 22 touches, 102 yds, 3 TD

R. Jennings 18 touches, 43 yds, 2 TD

Analysis: The Cowboys spotted the Raiders a lead on Thanksgiving, but they were certainly thankful for DeMarco Murray and his 3 TD day. Dallas has a lot of issues on defense, and they will need Murray to keep up the momentum if they want to stay in the playoff hunt in the NFC East.


Baltimore: 22
Pittsburgh: 20

L. Bell 23 touches, 136 yds, 1 TD

T. Smith 6 rec, 93 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: Torrey Smith always seems to perform well against the Steelers, and Thanksgiving Day was no different. Meanwhile, Le’Veon Bell had a monster day on the ground before getting concussed on the penultimate play of the game.


Jacksonville: 32

Cleveland: 28

M. Jones-Drew 25 touches, 81 yds, 1 PATD

B. Weeden 370 yds, 3 TD, 2 INT, 1 FUML

J. Gordon 10 rec, 261 yds, 2 TD



Indianapolis: 22

Tennessee: 14

C. Johnson 24 touches, 101 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: Don’t look now, but Chris Johnson is quietly having a strong fantasy season, ranking 8th in standard ESPN scoring. Could he vault into the top 5 with a strong end of season showing?


Minnesota: 23

Chicago: 20

J. McCown 355 yds, 2 TD

M. Forte 25 touches, 151 yds

A. Jeffery 12 rec, 249 yds, 2 TD

A. Peterson 35 touches, 211 yds

Analysis: The Chicago Bears have been a consistent force on offense, but like the Dallas Cowboys they can’t seem to stop anyone on defense. Josh McCown has filled in quite nicely in Jay Cutler’s absence, and Matt Forte continues to anchor the offense. What more can be said about the machine that is Adrian Peterson? He rushed for over 200 yards and made it look easy.


Miami: 23

New York Jets: 3

R. Tannehill 353 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT

B. Hartline 9 rec, 127 yds, 1 TD

M. Wallace 7 rec, 82 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: The New York Jets started the season strong, but they have shown their true colors in recent weeks. The Miami Dolphins took full advantage of this, with Ryan Tannehill and Brian Hartline leading the way on offense.


Philadelphia: 24

Arizona: 21

N. Foles 259 yds, 3 TD

M. Floyd 5 rec, 99 yds, 1 TD

L. McCoy 24 touches, 115 yds

Analysis: Don’t look now, but the Eagles and Cardinals played a meaningful December game that had playoff implications for both teams. Nick Foles has been tabbed the starter for all eternity according to head coach Chip Kelly, and he has certainly earned that distinction with his play this season. It helps to have LeSean McCoy, who has benefitted the most from the new offense.


Carolina: 27

Tampa Bay: 6

C. Newton 331 yds, 3 TD, 2 INT

G. Olsen 5 rec, 85 yds

Analysis: Superman is back in full force this season, and the Carolina Panthers look like a complete team under the leadership of Cam Newton. Could this team make some noise in the playoffs in 2014? Cam Newton will certainly have a lot to say about that.


New England: 34

Houston: 31

T. Brady 371 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT

R. Gronkowski 6 rec, 127 yds, 1 TD

J. Edelman 9 rec, 101 yds

A. Johnson 8 rec, 121 yds

B. Tate 22 rushes, 102 yds, 3 TD

Analysis: The Patriots and Texans decided it would be best to not play much defense on Sunday. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski led the way for the Patriots, while Ben Tate recovered quickly from an atrocious Week 12 outing to rush for 102 yards and 3 TDs.


Atlanta: 34

Buffalo: 31

R. White 10 rec, 143 yds

CJ Spiller 17 touches, 157 yds, 1 TD

F. Jackson 15 touches, 78 yds, 2 TD

Analysis: Fantasy owners that held onto Roddy White were finally rewarded in Week 13, and the same can be said about CJ Spiller owners. Could it be because neither of these teams has been playing much defense late in the season, or are both of these players on the rebound?


San Francisco: 23

St. Louis: 13

A. Boldin 9 rec, 98 yds

V. Davis 4 rec, 82 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: Colin Kaepernick was thankful this Thanksgiving for a healthy receiving core. The returns of Mario Manningham and Michael Crabtree will really open the offense up for Kaepernick heading into the playoffs.


Denver: 35

Kansas City: 28

P. Manning 403 yds, 5 TD, 2 INT

M. Ball 14 touches, 121 yds

E. Decker 8 rec, 174 yds, 4 TD

D. Thomas 3 rec, 106 yds

J. Charles 21 touches, 120 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: Peyton Manning proved that he isn’t human yet again, throwing for over 400 yards and 5 TDs against the highly touted Chiefs defense. Eric Decker decided to break out of his slump as well, catching 8 passes for 174 yards and 4 TDs.


Cincinnati: 17

San Diego: 10

K. Allen 8 rec, 106 yds

B. Green-Ellis 21 touches, 95 yds, 1 TD, FUML

AJ Green 5 rec, 83 yds, 1 TD

Analysis: This game brought together two top-10 offenses, but it was the defenses that made the most impact. San Diego seems like the most bipolar team in the NFL, and they will really need to finish the season strong if they have any hope of making the playoffs in the AFC.


New York Giants: 24

Washington: 17

V. Cruz 6 rec, 80 yds

R. Griffin III 295 yds, 1 TD

A. Brown 17 touches, 58 yds, 2 TD

Analysis: Andre Brown and Victor Cruz paced the Giants in a matchup of the cellar dwellers in the NFC East, while RGIII did his best to pull the Redskins out of their season of despair. They fell just short in yet another game, and something will need to change if the Redskins have any hope of turning it around next season.


New Orleans: 7

Seattle: 34

R. Wilson 357 yds, 3 TD

Analysis: Russell Wilson proved that he is the most consistent quarterback from the 2012 draft class, leading the 10-1 Seahawks to a blowout victory over the Saints on Monday Night. A lot of attention was paid to Andrew Luck and RGIII, but Russell Wilson has outperformed both by a wide margin in his second year in the league. The Seahawks are Super Bowl frontrunners at this point, and they will need Wilson to continue his astounding run if they have a hope of winning it all.

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