The 20 Best Fantasy Football Names for 2014

Published On November 21, 2014 | By Matthew Futter | Fantasy Football News, Uncategorized

The 2014 NFL season is winding down, which can only mean one thing: fantasy football is ending! Here are the best names for fantasy teams we found for this year!

1. Waka Flacco Flame

2. Taste my Rainbow

3. Cry Me a Rivers

4. Party Like a Gronkstar

5. Mr. Ugg Boots (not the best name, but it fits Tom Brady perfectly.)

6. Kissing Suzy kolber

7. Turn Down for Watt

8. Clowney Question Bro

9. You Down With JPP

10. No Romo

11. The Boldin The Beautiful

12. Dez B. Does Dallas (a personal favorite of mine!)

13. 99 Bortles of Beer

14. Illiterate Read Option

15. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia

16. Makin’ it Wayne

17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

18. I Pitta the Fool

19. Revis and Butthead (Aka Bill Belichick)

20. Hyde Your Kids Hyde You Wife


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