Ten Worst Fantasy Football Draft Picks of 2014

Published On April 30, 2015 | By Matthew Futter | Fantasy Football News, Fantasy Football Strategy, Football

It’s that time of the year again. The NFL draft kicks off tonight in its new location of Chicago. This will be the first time in 51 years college players will be hearing their names called in the Windy City. If you are a NFL fan, you have probably read the countless articles regarding player news, draft breakdown and mock drafts. Those articles are tired and exhausted. I’ve decided to take my own spin on it and throw a fantasy twist in. I present to you in no particular order the 10 worst fantasy football picks from last season. These numbers were based on production and average draft position of a standard 10 team draft.

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  1. Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City Chiefs

ADP: Round one, 3rd overall. Finished 30th overall in fantasy scoring (according to NFL.com)

2014 Stats: 1,033 yards rushing, 9 TD’s. 291 yards receiving, 5 TD’s.

Heading into the 2014 NFL season, fantasy owners had a decision to make. Whose number one? Charles or LeSean McCoy? Many owners toiled for months over the agonizing decision of who should go first overall. It turns out neither should have went one, two or even top 25! Charles suffered through multiple injuries early in the season. That comes with the price of playing the running back position. However, when your teammate Alex Smith scores more fantasy points than you and doesn’t throw single touchdown to a wide receiver, you know it’s a disappointment.

  1. Zac Stacy, RB, St. Louis Rams

ADP: Round three, 27th overall. Finished 236th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 293 yards rushing, 1 TD. 152 yard receiving.

Raise your hand if you were burned by the Zac Stacy (raises hand). Stacy couldn’t build upon his breakout 2013 campaign in which he had over 1,000 total yards and eight touchdowns. There were rumblings in camp that Stacy would lose his starting job, but fantasy owners weren’t buying it. How could Jeff Fisher bench this diamond in the rough player entering just his second season? Benny Cunningham and Tre Mason proved to be too much, and Stacy probably won’t get a fair shake for the rest of his tenure in St. Louis.

  1. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Minnesota Vikings

ADP: Round four, 46th overall. Finished 198th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 117 yards rushing, 1 TD. 384 yards receiving, 1 TD.

After week one, anyone who drafted Cordarrelle looked like a genius. He finished with 138 total yards and one score. Little did we know that he would only get 363 total yards the next 15 weeks! Patterson was a favorite of many analysts to be the breakout wide receiver of 2014. Hey, there’s always 2015, and 2016, and 2017….

  1. Jordan Cameron, TE, Cleveland Browns

ADP: Round five, 58th overall. Finished 214th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 424 receiving yards, 2 TD’s.

Jordan Cameron had so much potential entering the 2014 NFL season. He was being discussed in that second tier of tight ends right behind Julius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. However, that quickly faded due to a nagging head injury that forced Cameron to miss most of the season. Now, Cameron is a fantasy afterthought and has moved on to sunny Miami. I think he still has some upside, especially with Ryan Tannehill. However, he won’t be a top 10 tight end pick anytime soon.

  1. LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

ADP: Round one, 1st overall. Finished 48th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 1319 yards rushing, 5 TD’s. 155 yards receiving.

If you were to take away the name and just look at the stats knowing it would be a running back, you would probably think this is a pretty good season and you would be happy with the pick. Once you realize it was LeSean McCoy, your joy probably would go to pain. McCoy was the consensus number one choice in plenty of drafts and boy did he burn a lot of owners. When undrafted C.J. Anderson finishes four spots ahead of him and played less games, McCoy owners were licking their wounds well before the season ended.

  1. C.J. Spiller, RB, Buffalo Bills

ADP: Round four, 40th overall. Finished 235th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 300 yard rushing, 125 yards receiving, 1 TD.

This wasn’t the first time fantasy owners were burned by Spiller. He had an excellent 2012 campaign, and was regarded as a top back heading into the 2013 season. Spiller was unable to deliver, but outlook was still positive for 2014. Unfortunately, Spiller got hurt in October and missed a good chunk of the season. The Bills have seen enough as they decided to let Spiller walk in the off-season.

  1. Montee Ball, RB, Denver Broncos

ADP: Round two, 15th overall. Finished 288th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 172 yards rushing, 1 TD. 62 yards receiving.

Last season in fantasy football was known as the death of the running backs. It’s always been assumed depending on your league setup that the running back is the most coveted position and you should load up early on them. Put that with being in a Peyton Manning offense and you are a top 20 pick. What’s the old saying burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. You should have learned after the disappointing 2013 season that Ball was not the answer. He got injured early and never recovered. Fortunately for Denver, it was next man up and they were just fine.

  1. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings

ADP: Round one, 2nd overall. 394th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 75 yards rushing, 18 yards receiving.

The disappointments continue to pile up. We all know the saga that Peterson went through last year with the NFL and the year-long suspension. Most forget about the fantasy owners though, as he was a top pick in basically every league. One game is all you got out of him and not even a touchdown to show for it. The story continues to unfold into the offseason. It’s going to be interesting to see if Peterson ends up staying with Minnesota or moving on. All I know is I am in wait and see mode when it comes to drafting him.

  1. Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco 49ers

ADP: Round four, 45th overall. 255th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 4 yards rushing. 245 yards receiving, 2 TD’s.

Can one player really drop off the face of the earth like Vernon Davis did? I guess I answered my own question. In the 2013 campaign, Davis had 850 yards receiving and 13 touchdowns. He was the second highest scoring tight end. Last season he finished behind guys like Jordan Reed, who missed a ton of games, rookie Jace Amaro, and Jimmy Graham’s backup, Josh Hill. The offense completely factored Davis out of the offense. Does new coach Jim Tomsula go back to the veteran Davis? Only time will tell.

 10.     Seattle D/ST

ADP: Round five, 56th overall. 76th overall in fantasy scoring.

2014 Stats: 37 sacks, 13 interceptions, 11 fumble recoveries, 1 safety, 3 touchdowns and 252 points allowed.

This one is nearly not as bad as the ones listed above. Heck, there’s plenty of other candidates I could have put in there: Knowshon Moreno, Johnny Manziel, and Nick Foles just to name a few. I chose the Seahawks defense because it’s specifically that, a defense. No defense should ever go that high. When players like Kelvin Benjamin, C.J. Anderson, Blake Bortles and Mike Evans all score more, you know it’s a bad pick. Every year there’s one defense everyone falls in love with. It’ll be interesting to see who that is for 2015.

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