System Flaws in the New Digital Ticketing System

Published On September 19, 2018 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

Technology has certainly squeezed its way into becoming a necessity for a lot of things. Every single day, new ways of doing old things are being found with the help of technology. Even the simplest of tasks – in this case, ticketing for sports events – are being reshaped into becoming easier, quicker, and more efficient engagements through the use of technology.

The use of technology in sports takes on the form of a brand new digital ticketing system. The plastic card system, such as those created by cardlogic, involves switching out the conventional and traditional paperback tickets that sports fans have grown accustomed to with what is called as a Seasonal Ticket Member Card.

A seasonal ticket member card is a plastic card that grants the user access to multiple sporting events, exclusive benefits, even concession discounts, and so much more. Typically, these access cards last for an entire season and are even available to be paid through a loan-type installment that lasts for the duration of the whole season.

While some sports fans are definitely very excited about these new changes, others – especially older and more traditional fans that have come to consider the paperback tickets as a part of the experience and an important memorabilia from the games that they watch – are not so thrilled.

This is what happened to the newly installed digital ticketing system of the Tennessee Titans.  The system certainly has its perks and benefits. It is, in a way, easier on the pocket than paperback tickets, because a fan can pay for the card in installments throughout the season instead of dropping a handful of cash all at once. These seasonal ticket member cards are more convenient as everything you need is stored in one place. No more long lines and longer waiting times – seasonal ticket member cards make the process of going to games much easier and much, much faster.

They also offer more than just an entrance to the football event. These cards grant the users discounts that would have otherwise been unavailable to them. Additionally, they are much safer and healthier for the environment as there will no longer be a need to continuously use paper to print out tickets over and over again for each new sporting event.

However, other fans – such as the older folks and those that consider the paperback tickets a part of the experience of going to a sporting event – are not as enthusiastic about these changes. Some fans have raised concerns regarding the use of the cards, stating that they might be more difficult to use and understand for elderly fans. Furthermore, they think that this might even keep them from enjoying the games.

Showing off paperback tickets has even become a staple of fandom life among sports fans, making the new digital ticketing system just a little bit harder to accept and embrace for those who enjoy sharing their experiences with fellow fans through memorabilia from different sporting events.

Some fans took to the internet to express their feelings and thoughts about this new digitized ticketing system, with some voicing their support and others expressing their concern and disappointment. Propositions have even been made by others, helpfully advising that the sporting companies and coaches give the fans more choice in the matter, instead of forcing everyone to adhere to one ticketing system.

Whether you are for it or against it, technology has certainly made its way into sports through this new digital ticketing system.

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