Rules And Regulations Regarding CBD by Various Sports Organizations

Published On September 29, 2018 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

Up until this year, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is still a part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances. This is because cannabidiol is a product of cannabis and cannabis is still not totally legal in all countries. Due to the number of health benefits that cannabidiol offers athletes though, several sports organizations have accepted CBD as a different substance than marijuana. This is why they have deemed it acceptable for use by their athletes. Here are a few organizations that have already accepted cannabidiols:


As mentioned above, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that they have accepted cannabidiol as a legit treatment substance. However, WADA still imposes some regulations on the use of the cannabidiol THC. According to WADA’s statement, they only allow the use of 150 nanograms of THC per ml.


The National Football League (NFL) is another big sports organization that has pushed forward with the acceptance of cannabidiol because of the huge number of injuries that football players get. Due to these injuries, a lot of football players turn to painkillers and opioids. To prevent that, many players and advocates are pushing the NFL to consider CBD as a natural alternative.

Currently, marijuana and all of its constituents are still banned, although the NFL commissioner is open to considering CBD should the player’s medical advisors be in favor of it.


In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the use of marijuana and its products, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, is still banned, Marijuana has been banned from the NBA since 1999 and does not seem to show any signs of changing any time soon. However, the current NBA commissioner is willing to explore marijuana as a possible benefit to athletes if medical science supports it.

Currently, though, cannabis is still strongly banned. Players who have been found to have traces of marijuana through the drug tests are subject to rehabilitation for the first offense and a fine for the second. The third and succeeding offenses will result in a suspension.


The Major League Baseball (MLB), on the other hand, seems to be a bit more lenient with cannabis and cannabis products. What the MLB is actually stricter and more concerned about are the performance-enhancing drugs like Beta-2 agonists or some form of steroids.

There is a THC threshold that players have, and that is 50 nanograms per ml. If they exceed that, then they are to be fined. Aside from that, though, the MLB seems quite open to marijuana use.

With the growing awareness of the health benefits of CBD oil, it will not be a surprise if more and more sports organizations are going to open their doors to it. The WADA is one of the organizations that recently did this. The MLB is another organization that is rather lenient on its use.

Sure, there are still big sports organizations such as the NFL or the NBA that are not supportive of its use, but the tide may change if they happen to see a use for it. After all, representatives from both these organizations have said that they are willing to explore CBD’s medicinal use.

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