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Pitchers in Need of New Homes at the Trade Deadline

Published On June 29, 2013 | By Daily Fantasy Source | Baseball, Fantasy Baseball News

With the calendar turning over to July, it means a few things: Independence Day, the MLB All-Star game and the trade deadline looming ever closer. There are certainly some players on the market that will be traded away by the teams that have no realistic chance of making a playoff push.


For those teams, there are some valuable players that can become increasingly more valuable if placed in the right situation. Here is a look at the pitchers that are rumored to be out the door for their respective teams, and what they can look forward to elsewhere.


Matt Garza- Chicago Cubs


The Cubs acquired Garza in a trade with Tampa Bay, and he was supposed to be the cornerstone of the rotation for years to come. However, the Cubs have failed to rebuild around the pitching staff and it looks more like a patchwork unit than a work in progress. He has put up impressive numbers (3-1 record, 3.83 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 47 K’s) after coming back from the disabled list, and has been a hot commodity on the trade market.


If he can get himself into new surroundings (especially if he leaves the National League Central), then he can become a must-have for the rest of the season.


Cleveland, Texas, San Diego, Los Angeles (Dodgers) and Colorado have all been rumored to be in the hunt for Garza. The ideal landing spot for him would be Texas. It may bump up his ERA slightly, but there would certainly be a better chance for him to pick up more wins down the road.


Colorado would be a nightmare for Garza’s owners in a hitter’s park like Coors Field, while Cleveland, San Diego and Los Angeles would all allow him to put up the statistics that he is currently putting up.


Ricky Nolasco- Miami Marlins


The Dodgers are considered the frontrunners for Nolasco right now, and that would be a good landing spot for him. Marlins Park is only slightly more hitter-friendly than Dodger Stadium, but you have to imagine that any lineup would be better to be around than Miami’s.


The lineups he would have to face wouldn’t be that much of a difference in the NL West compared to the NL East, so you don’t have to worry about his ERA blowing through the roof. If he changes over to the AL East, that would be a different story.


He has pitched a lot of innings and has 44 strikeouts, compared to just 12 walks over his previous eight starts. The Marlins don’t offer run support, though (33 runs of support in 17 starts).


Bud Norris- Houston Astros


Despite having an ERA of just 3.35, he has the unfortunate scenario of playing with the Houston Astros. For that reason, his record is a sad 5-7. Right now, it looks like he will be on his way out and forwarded to a playoff contender (thank goodness).


The frontrunners for Norris include Baltimore, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Baltimore would be nice, as the support and likelihood for wins will definitely skyrocket in comparison to Houston. However, he would be playing in a tough division where the statistics will be hard to maintain.


San Francisco and Pittsburgh are dream scenarios for Norris, though. AT&T Park in San Francisco has yielded the fewest runs in the Major Leagues, while PNC Park in Pittsburgh ranks No. 27. Either situation would be a great place to pitch, and both teams would offer him around the same amount of run support.


No matter where these pitchers go, it will certainly be a welcome change in scenery for all three players. If you have them on your roster, the only one that you may want to consider trading is Matt Garza if it looks like he may be headed for Colorado. Otherwise, hold on to them for now, and you will certainly be satisfied with the results.

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