Greening Sports through Zero Waste Programs

Published On November 15, 2018 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

Across all corners of the world, sports is a lifestyle for many and a business to some. Sports is now a huge industry, and sustainability efforts are slowly creeping into the industry. Teams, fans, administrators and stadiums are slowly taking up initiatives to protect the environment and implement dumpster rental Duluth MN. The sustainability efforts are aiming to make sports green or in other words eco-friendly.

The Zero waste program is one of the initiatives that is taking shape across the global sports industry. Zero waste program is a concept that focuses on reducing waste, recycling and composting waste to redirect waste from landfills. Zero waste initiatives encourage designs, management of products, and processes that reduce or eliminate waste quantities.

Many sporting facilities manage their waste through contracting dumpster rental services to collect and dispose of their waste. It is an easy way to manage waste, but it is not entirely a part of the zero waste initiative. It is for this reason that dumpster rental services are also putting efforts to offer recycling solutions to clients. Additionally, companies that rent dumpster services are providing data to sports facilities on the types of waste that they generate the most. The data is crucial in the decision making of what products, materials or services to abolish in order to reduce waste generation in the facilities. ‘Not all is waste is waste.’ Some types of waste have economic value when they are transformed into other forms.

The zero waste program is not only about dealing with waste management, but it is also about making decisions on what to use and what to avoid. Sports facilities are collaborating with their suppliers to determine products and packaging materials that are more eco-friendly. These are products make reusing, recycling or composting possible. They can also be products that are made from recycled material. Products and packaging materials that are not critically important, such as straws, are avoided in purchases to reduce unnecessary waste. These efforts are part of the sustainability initiatives that aim to promote green sports and enhance the sporting culture.

Many teams and sports management are linking up with other environmental organizations in joint efforts of achieving zero waste status for their respective facilities and team activities. The sport and environmental organizations partnerships are proving successful with many sports facilities managing to reduce the volume of waste that is generated especially during game days. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is one of the environmental organizations that is helping sports teams to achieve zero waste status by acting as an environmental advisor.

Teams from all sports categories are championing for the zero waste program. Some have small-scale efforts as tests or as feasibility studies to determine if the zero waste initiative is achievable. Other teams and leagues have rolled the program out on a large scale especially those that have teamed up with environmental organizations or their suppliers and dumpster rental service providers.

Whichever scale that a particular team has chosen, the zero waste program is a major boost to sustainability efforts and greening sports.

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