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Perhaps the fantasy sport that has the most “boom or bust” potential is fantasy golf, and more specifically best ball. This is when you have a team of four golfers, and as a team you take the best result from the four on each hole to assemble a score each round and overall.


The reason this is so “boom or bust” is because there can be some especially challenging holes that your team can only muster pars on, while another team may get lucky and have someone score an Eagle. Those two strokes are extremely difficult to make up over the course of four rounds.


It becomes even more difficult if you have golfers that don’t make the cut. This is why it’s important to not spend most of your salary cap on a top level golfer like Tiger Woods since that will cripple your cap and stick you with three other golfers who miss the weekly cut with too much regularity.


For example, if three of your golfers miss the cut and only Tiger Woods is left, you would essentially have to have him birdie every hole on Saturday and Sunday to even have a chance of getting back up the leaderboard and into a respectable finish.


You’ll have to throw in a lot of research as well, checking a golfers average on the course that’s coming up during that week, even breaking it down hole-by-hole to see who’s most likely to birdie (or even eagle) that hole to boost your score. It’s one of the most difficult fantasy sports to play, as just about every golfer is incredibly inconsistent. The best players are too expensive to assemble a consistent overall team, but the value players are too inconsistent to get results.


It’s more luck than anything. Strategy will be helpful, but for most weeks it gets thrown out the window unlike fantasy football, basketball or hockey. You just have to do the best you can with the research you have done and hope that all of your golfers make the cut. This will give you the best chance at winning as you have four golfers with a chance to get a birdie or eagle on every given hole.


The best strategy will be to take guys who consistently finish in the top 10-20 range as they will be affordable, yet give you the results you need to boost your overall score to a level that will make your team competitive. Hopefully with this knowledge you’ll no longer finish with just one golfer after moving day and beat your league each week!

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