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CJY2K Poised for a Bounce Back Year in 2013

Published On July 1, 2013 | By Daily Fantasy Source | Fantasy Football News, Football

Chris Johnson was the bane of many fantasy owners’ existences last year.  Fantasy owners will remember (vividly if you were a Chris Johnson owner) that Johnson’s 2012 campaign got off to one of the worst starts in NFL history for a running back.  Through the first 3 weeks, Johnson was able to amass a laughable 45 rushing yards… total.  Despite the horrendous start and a few mediocre games sprinkled throughout the rest of the season, Johnson was still able to rush for over 1,200 yards on the year.  That’s an incredible feat considering that 3 games into the year he was on pace to gain a pathetic 240 yards.


It is a fact that Johnson’s fantasy stock heading into the 2013 NFL season is far below its realistic value.  True, Chris Johnson had a down year last season, but realistically, his team was awful.  The line was letting him get hit at times before the quarterback could even hand him the ball.  Speaking of quarterbacks, Jake Locker was injured early on and remained out for most of the season.  The Titans defense was average at best, which meant that opponents often got ahead early and Tennessee would abandon Johnson and the run game in an effort to pass their way back into the games.


Will CJ2K ever put together another 2,000 yard rushing season?  Not likely.  Does Johnson deserve to be considered a first round or possibly a second round selection in your fantasy draft? Probably not, but the fact is that few running backs, and few players for that matter, deserve to be selected in the top 2 rounds of a fantasy draft.  The truth about Chris Johnson is this:  he left a bad taste in fantasy owners’ mouths a year ago, and because of that his stock has fallen considerably.  However, don’t let his past performance, which is a statistical anomaly in respect to the rest of his career, keep you from taking him in the 5th-6th round where you’ll be getting him as a steal.

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