Your Basic Guide to Playing Darts

Your Basic Guide to Playing Darts

Published On February 08, 2019 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

As you walk inside a pub, you will more likely find a single dart board pinned at the wall with a few good tungsten darts alongside a bar. Of course, once it’s spotted, many people would like to have a try and aim the darts for the bullseye. In fact, aside from being a famous professional sport, playing darts is also a classic pub game. But, how should it really be played?

The Proper Distance

In placing the dartboard, you should make sure that it is 5 feet and 8 inches from the ground. Use the bull’s eye of the board as the point of reference in placing the dart board. As for the players, when playing with darts, the proper distance from the board must be over 7 feet 9 inches from the player’s toe line to the front of the board.

The Dartboard

If you have already seen a dartboard, then you should know that it has three main areas which are the single area, double ring, and the triple ring. The ring which is located on the outermost edge of the dartboard is called the double. Hitting a dart on this area will give you two marks (also called as double points). The next thing ring is called the triple, where you can get three marks if you hit your dart within it. Lastly, the green area around the bull’s eye is a single while the red on the centermost is a double.

The Basics and the Rules

There are many existing variations of darts, but the most known version out of them is 501. As stated by the Professional Darts Corporation, an individual player, or even a team, will start at 501 and play their way until they get down to zero. Each player would alternately take their turns, throwing three darts into the board per turn. The total number accumulated from the three darts thrown will be subtracted from 501 at the end of each turn.

However, in order to totally win the game, the final player on the team must reach zero in a double. For instance, there are only 20 points left for the team to be subtracted on, therefore, the last player must hit the 10 on the board twice. If the final score happens to be an odd number, the first dart must be aimed at a point that will change it into even so the player could do doubling on the last two darts.

Of course, whoever reaches the zero mark wins the game. However, if there isn’t anyone who reaches the zero mark in 20 turns, then the player or team with the lowest points win the game. In case that a tie appears after 20 turns, there will be additional 10 turns to play in order to hail the winner. But, if the scores are still equal after 30 turns, then the game will be concluded as a draw.

From Basics to Bull’s Eye

Playing darts may look really simple, but like most sports and games, it has its own set of rules. Though you can still play it without following these rules for fun, you will find it more enjoyable and entertaining if you do it within the rules. After all, the goal of the game is to entertain people, and following the rules will make it more challenging. If you do follow the rules even if you are just starting out, then maybe after a few more practices, you will probably find it somewhat easy to hit the bull’s eye.

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