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Introduction to Shooting Sports

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As documented in history, Sports has come into existence at least 3000 years ago. Sports was used as a practice field for hunting and as training ground in preparation for a war. This explains why throwing of stakes, spears, and rocks are involved in most of the common early games. There is a Great post to read at about the same topic.

The Ancient Greeks formally introduced sports to the world around 776 BC when the first Olympic Games were inaugurated. Most of the games included were wrestling, chariot races, javelin and discus throwing.

Everyone is aware of the most popular games that we have right now but not everyone is familiar with shooting sports.

What is Shooting Sports?

Shooting sports is a sports activity which involves accuracy, speed, and precision of a shooter in shooting a target. 

It may be played individually or by group. For the group competitions, usually, the scores of each participating member are summed up as one.

This sport is categorized depending on the equipment used, the shooting distances, the shooting targets, the limit of time involved, and the qualities of the participating athletes.

It utilizes several types of guns like rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

RIFLES are long firearms with rifled barrel, which are commonly held by two hands and secured against the shoulder using a gunstock. It is designed for long-range shooting.

Popular Rifle Shooting Games:

  • Benchrest shooting – It is an event that utilizes high-precision rifles. The rifles used are mounted on a front and rear rest, sitting on a bench or a table. The shooter sits at the bench and aims at the paper targets.
  • Popinjay or Papingo – It is a shooting sport that can be performed using a rifle or archery equipment. The shooter is tasked to aim on an artificial bird which is suspended on a high pole.

SHOTGUNS are similar to rifles, however they are smoothbore and most often larger in caliber. There are two ways to fire it. First, it can fire a shell loaded with smaller sub-projectiles which are called shots. The other way is, it can fire a single slug or a large projectile.

Popular Shotgun Shooting Games:

  • Skeet shooting – In this type of shooting, the shooter aims to break clay targets that are thrown into the air, which are coming from two fixed stations and are from various angles at a high speed.
  • Trapshooting – This game requires shooting multiple clay targets. The shooter must have a fast decision-making skill. Clay targets are flung from one station, which is in the same direction as where the shooter is facing.
  • Sporting clay shooting – Just like the skeet and trap shooting, the shooter aims for clay targets as well, however for this game, the clay targets are launched from many stations with different speed, elevation and angle.

PISTOLS OR HANDGUNS are small handheld firearms that are intended for one-hand use. They are smaller in size compared to rifles and shotguns and it has lesser accuracy. It is used for short-range shooting.

Popular Pistol Shooting Games:

  • Metallic Silhouette shooting – An event that involves the use of pistols in knocking down silhouette metal targets at various distances. The targets may be in motion and may come in different angles and heights.
  • Practical Shooting – It is also known as action shooting or dynamic shooting. The shooter has to move a lot and must use speed, power, and precision to shoot a lot of targets in a specified amount of time.

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