Started in Paintball

How to Get Started in Paintball

Published On April 09, 2019 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

Paintball is an extreme sport which is earning more and more popularity especially in European countries. First played in 1981, paintball can be participated either individually or through teams by shooting rivals using 2019 paintball guns which release capsules of water-soluble dye to tag your enemies out. Quite simple right? Well, not really. The game is not just about endurance and physical play, but it needs tactical planning in order to achieve the goal which is to win. This is what makes this game enticing especially to the younger generation-- the thrill of the chase, the drill and the chance to do away with all the gadgets, and just have fun under the sun.

But before all the splish-splashing of the paintballs, everything should be considered such as:

Setting of Boundaries - the teams should clearly pinpoint the boundaries of the field depending on the number of players. A small team can have a limited play area while big teams need to have a wider coverage. The teams should also establish their base in a well-protected area so as not to defeat the purpose of the game. The team should also set the dead zone area where all the extra gears and equipment are located. Ideally, this area should be far from the playing field since this area is where the terminated player can safely clean his gear and equipment. This area is a no shoot zone for both teams.

Proper attire and equipment- In this kind of sport, every player should gird up one’s loins at all time. Every equipment and gear should be checked first before starting the game. The paintball gun, barrel and hopper should be fully functional. Most importantly the player must be familiar with the gun. The Barrel Blocking Device should also be present to avoid unwanted accidents. Also, every player has to wear PPEs such as mask and goggles and must be worn at all times in the field. The player should be appropriately dressed for the game to add protection.

Goal of the Game – There are actually a lot of ways on how to win the game, may it be “take the flag”, “shoot all players” or “make it the to the other team’s camp”, so before starting it the goal of the game should be considered first to avoid conflict.

Duration of the Game – to make the game more exciting, a time limit should be discussed by both parties. This will enable the team to come up with tactical ways to defeat the opposing team on the shortest possible time.

Rules of the Game - The referees should introduce themselves to both teams and should lay down the rules of the game especially for beginners to avoid disqualification. Some of the general rules are as follows:

  • Before calling yourself out, check if the paint really did break or if the plunge is less than a quarter. If so, then continue playing the game.
  • Shout “HIT” or “OUT” and raise your hand to be recognized as an eliminated player then put on barrel blocking device.
  • Never cheat.
  • Avoid crossing boundaries.
  • Be attentive of the referee’s instructions.

Sport games is not merely on winning but on the value of camaraderie. Paintball may be a bit scary especially for rookies but just enjoy and have fun and allow yourself to be a beginner.

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