Fitness Equipment Throughout the Years

Published On November 16, 2019 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

Over the years, people have been interested in staying fit and healthy at any cost or preferably Under 1000. While others do it to keep themselves fit for work, especially those involving physical activities, some individuals simply do it as a hobby or a form of self-flattery seeing themselves built with toned muscles.

To increase the chances of acquiring their desired body, people have started to invent various fitness equipment to help people with fitness programs and also for an easier, more convenient way of working out. Tons of equipment have been used throughout the years, each built with specific functions.

That said, here are some of the famous fitness equipment that have evolved over the years:

Stationary Bicycle

Everyone loves stationary bicycles. They’re considered as one of the easiest fitness equipment to operate that some people simply purchase one to do the exercise at home. A stationary bike lets users sit on a chair similar to that of a regular bicycle and let their legs do the work. This may sound simple, but this can actually burn enough calories to make you reduce weight.

In the past, electronic stationary bikes, specifically the first one built in 1968 by Dr. Keene Dimick, only have simple information about the entire workout flow like the amount of calories reduced per hour and pulse rate. After several years, improvements have been made to operate the said workout machine in an easier manner.

In 2017, treadmills are already operated digitally and also come with entertainment options like music, fitness apps, etc.


Another workout equipment that people love using is the treadmill. You may have already reached the era where treadmills are built with touch screens and come with more comfortable workouts. Before that digital phase, treadmills only had a mechanical speedometer attached with an accelerator cable to assess the user’s speed — this method has been practiced in 1975 under the Woodway company.

After 40 years, Woodway has already evolved its treadmill invention with better and much more digital methods. Adjusting the speed is now made possible with the use of a touchscreen, and users can also keep themselves entertained while exercising by watching videos and listening to music on screen.

Leg Extension

Of course, part of the exercise is making sure that your legs work perfectly as they hold most of your weight, especially during squats and sit-ups. To increase leg power, people make use of this equipment called leg extension. In 1978, Keiser released their first leg power machine that made use of pneumatic resistance for strength and power.

Fast forward to the present, Keiser still continues to apply the compressed air variable resistance concept. Their latest invention, the AIR250, is now built with adjustable leg cushions for better comfort and more customizable settings. Seat backs and handgrip buttons are used to control pneumatic resistance.


Exercising is always considered important to maintain the body’s strength and fitness. In addition, this also helps in keeping the body healthy. People have various reasons as to why they opt to exercise, and this step greatly helps with the use of fitness equipment.

For years, certain inventors have come up with ideas that will make exercising much worthwhile. For stationary bicycles, for instance, people really love the concept of increasing strength in their legs without exposing themselves outside. To decrease the rate of boredom and early exhaustion, an improvised stationary bicycle has been invented — now made digital and installed with entertainment programs. The same concept also applied to the treadmill. As for leg extension, better comfortability and adjustments have been introduced.

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