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Dominate This Season’s Fantasy Football League with These Awesome Android and iOS Apps

Published On March 27, 2019 | By Matthew Futter | Basketball, Daily Fantasy Strategy, Fantasy Basketball News

NFL season may be months away, but ganool123 fans are giddy, occasionally having heated arguments with co-fans and patiently waiting for the season to come. For some, waiting for the season to formally begin is tedious. So tedious that at times, it affects their work. One needs to let out steam from all the excitement, and lucky for you, fantasy football may be the answer to your prayers.

Being said, below are some of the best Android and iOS apps that you can have fun with other than watching TV online while waiting for the next season to come.


ESPN is a user-friendly interface. The drafting tool is a superb feature. ESPN’s preseason analysis and informative articles are also a plus. Its Livecast is like watching TV online wherein the real-time updates of the scores of the NFL with your fantasy matches is indeed a lifesaver. Whether you are a beginner or an expert to fantasy football, you can still have a good time with this app.


Over the years, Yahoo has been continuously improving its app with great results to boot. Its mobile app is easy to use and the app also has a great drafting feature.  As an additional feature, Yahoo grades each team in their drafts by handing out report cards.

Flea Flicker

Unlike its counterpart term in football, Flea Flicker gives a no-nonsense vibe. The app exudes an old-school feature which would remind you of the days wherein you had to manually add stats using pen and paper. Flea Flicker may have a simple display, but it is fully functional. This app which can be customized according to your liking is especially helpful to rookies.


How to put this? Fanium is an awesome app if you’ve just entered the world of fantasy football. You don’t need to invest too much time figuring out how the app works because it is very simple.

Fanium can be considered as the opposite of Flea Flicker. It can’t be easily customized and some of the traditional elements of a fantasy football app are non-existent. Nevertheless, Fanium is a great app to use when you’re into casual gaming.


If you get bored watching TV online, you can play in their respective sites. NFL, CBS, and FOX offer the basic features and settings in fantasy football.


 Users can construct and draft their own leagues with mock drafts and options on drafting. The app also allows you to configure lineups and access the latest score and stats.


The pp shows player news, ranking, and projections which are useful even though you use other sites or apps.


Fox may not offer anything noteworthy, but it’s easy to access and is functional.

While fantasy football may have started due to it being a geeky pastime, today, it is a phenomenon. Don’t forget that it’s important to find an app which suits your taste to be able to play wholeheartedly.

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