Comparison between Olympic WL bar & powerlifting bar

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Are you aware that there is a difference between the powerlifting best olympic barbell and Olympic WL bar? It is difficult to notice these differences as a beginner and even subtle to a veteran. This article will focus on the differences between the two so that one can make a perfect decision when buying a garage gym bar.

 Powerlifting Vs Olympic lifting

Olympic weight lifting is made up of two lifts which are the snatch and the clean and jerk. The aim of an Olympic bar is usually to perform the heaviest lift. Usually, an athlete is granted three attempts to the two lifts and the highest successful lift among the three attempts is usually termed as the overall result. 

Olympic lifting, tests an athlete's power, technique, and strength. Powerlifting aims for testing an athlete's strength only. It involves three liftings which are deadlift, bench press, and squat. It is equal to Olympic weight lifting given than the lifter is usually given three attempts. However, powerlifting involves moving much weight possible.

Certain powerlifting federation has allowed the use of supportive equipment such as a squat suit or bench shirt in assisting the lifter to complete the rep.

Olympic Barbells

The Olympic barbells for men are usually 2.2-meters-long and weighs 20 kilograms. The diameter of the sleeves is usually 50 mm and that of the shaft is usually 28mm this adds up to about 1.3 meters total length of the bar.

On the other hand, women's Olympic barbells are usually shorter. It weighs 15 kilograms and about 2.1 meters long. The shaft is usually thinner than that of the men's having a diameter of 25mm.

Olympic barbells are usually unique in various ways.  For example, the whip which controls the ability to store elastic energy. A flex happens because the shaft is usually narrow as compared to the barbell.  Athletes are known to use the elasticity of the bar to their advantage when lifting.

Olympics bars are also known to have smooth rotating sleeves. It helps the lifter to get below the bar as fast as possible without first releasing the grip. Moreover, the effortless rotation is made possible by the use of needle bearings in the sleeves.

Powerlifting Bars

The powerlifting barbell is different from The Olympic barbell given the fact that they are more rigid and stiff. This helps in accommodating people who are heavyweights. They also don't have a flex which is found in the Olympic bar.

However, the powerlifting bar is usually equal to the Olympic bar in terms of dimensions but it can also be thicker or longer for more weight to be added. The markings on the knurling and the bar are usually different from those of the Olympic barbell.

Center Knurl and Bar Knurling

Olympic WL bars have a centered knurl. However, most companies do not apply center knurling for non-competition Olympic bars. Center knurling has no purpose for Olympic lifting. On the other hand, powerlifting barbells are known to have a center knurling for the back squat.

This is based on the idea that knurling helps in preventing the bar from sliding down. The Olympic barbell and the powerlifting barbell are different when it comes to knurl aggressiveness and depth.

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